Why Do My HVAC Filters Get Dirty So Fast?

Up to 75% of no-heat calls to HVAC services during the winter are related to a lack of maintenance on any one homeowner’s system. Needless to say, routine maintenance on your HVAC system is one of the best ways to ensure its proper functioning and longevity in your home. However, sometimes even when you provide proper HVAC maintenance from professional … Read More

How to Find the Drafts That Are Stealing Your Home’s Heat

During the summer, you may not be aware of small cracks and holes in your home. But once colder weather arrives, you’ll probably be able to feel the drafts. Up to 25% of a residential home’s heating during the winter is lost through holes and cracks you may not even notice. Drafts are the biggest foe to an energy efficient … Read More

How to Take Care of Your HVAC System After Hurricane Flooding

With Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Michael having affected large parts of Texas, Louisiana, and Florida (and now with more hurricanes on the way), homeowners and workers are doing their best to inspect, repair, and replace their HVAC systems. AC repair is in high demand after a hurricane’s terrible damage, especially in the South. Up to two-thirds of all … Read More

Is Your HVAC System Making You Sick This Season?

With cold and flu season officially here, it can be all too easy to blame your illness on the weather. But if your respiratory problems don’t seem to go away, the problem may not be the colder weather. Without regular heating repair and maintenance, your air ducts may be letting more than toasty warmth into the air. It may also … Read More

How Not to Prepare Your Home for the Cold: Debunking Home Heating Myths

With the weather getting colder, many homeowners have started their annual heating system rituals. These rituals include the following: tuning up the furnace, checking the carbon monoxide detectors, and looking for ways to maximize energy savings. While there are a vast number of ways in which to winterize one’s home, it’s important to note that not every heating system hack … Read More

How Your Pets Might Be Hiking Up Your Home’s Energy Bills

According to HVAC experts, up to 75% of phone calls regarding a lack of home heating during the winter is the result of a lack of maintenance. In some cases, this lack of maintenance may not be on your part at all, but rather your pets. Let’s put a little light on the situation. Even homeowners who contact their HVAC … Read More

How Can I Heat My Finished Basement This Winter?

With winter officially on the way and the holidays right around the corner, you’ve most likely started gearing up for the Big Chill. You’ve contacted your HVAC service for furnace maintenance, you’ve looked at heating tips for energy efficient homes, and you’ve swapped out your old HVAC system filters for new ones. Now, what about your newly finished basement? Finishing … Read More

The History of Air Conditioning in the United States

Homeowners often take their air conditioning units for granted. These AC units not only save families the trouble of installing dozens of fans to achieve the same results, they ensure year-round comfort. Willis Haviland Carrier invented the first air conditioning unit in 1902. His AC unit sent air through coils filled with cold water, subsequently cooling the air and removing moisture … Read More

How to Cut Costs on Your Home’s Heating Without Losing Warmth

Families are more likely to stay indoors during the cold winter to stay away from the frightful weather. Unfortunately, more time indoors can also mean higher utility bills. However, it doesn’t have to be a struggle to reduce your home’s heating costs. Consider the following four simple steps you can take to help keep your home’s heating costs low even when … Read More

Tips For Maintaining Your HVAC Systems In The Winter

When it comes to having an energy efficient house, heating and air conditioning replacement and repair are key. But so is general maintenance. While winter might be the last time you want to put effort into your HVAC units, it’s still important to maintain them in the cold. To prevent winter from damaging your HVAC systems, follow these five simple … Read More