Top 5 Reasons HVAC/Furnace Tune Up This Fall

It’s officially Fall and many may question why they should have their HVAC / Furnace tuned up this fall before Winter sets in the bluegrass. After all, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it…right? Wrong! There are many reasons to make sure your HVAC / Furnace is tuned up this Fall. Here’s some reasons from Butch Mellott, owner of Comfort Master … Read More

ComfortMaster Heating Technicians

The “average technician” looks for the quick and easy fix for residential heating and air conditioning repair without properly analyzing it. If a part on the air conditioner is broken, you don’t want a technician to simply replace the part. You want a technician who is more thoroughly trained to look past the broken part and tries to figure out … Read More

Geothermal Heating

The biggest advantages of geothermal heating are the low heating costs (cost savings can be as much as 80% over the fossil fuels) and that it also uses significantly less electricity than standard heating systems. We would love to tell you more about this renewable energy source and how it can work for you. Call us today at (859) 255-0728

Best KY AC Repair Tips: Higher Electric Bill This Summer?

People all over the country are now paying electric bills for the summer heat waves, and all that air conditioning use is not cheap, especially with record temperature highs. But is electricity the sole culprit? Find out what ABC News has to say about electricity bills and get on the phone with Butch today to ensure you’re not paying too … Read More

Heating Repair in Lexington KY: Another Cold Winter

It’s August and winter is practically upon us and Christmas will be here before we know it. With Santa Claus and Turkeyday comes the cold. Projections from are going to take a little warming up to. The Long-Range Forecasting Team is predicting another brutally cold and snowy winter for a large part of the country, thanks in large … Read More

Why Does My Boiler Water Look So Gross?

Depending on the type of boiler you have, it may be difficult to keep your boiler water clean. Steam systems are typically open to the air, which results in corroding and rusting. Because of this, steam boilers are often in need of routine boiler repair. Being open to the air can cause the water to have some discoloration. However, this … Read More

How to Find the Drafts That Are Stealing Your Home’s Heat

During the summer, you may not be aware of small cracks and holes in your home. But once colder weather arrives, you’ll probably be able to feel the drafts. Up to 25% of a residential home’s heating during the winter is lost through holes and cracks you may not even notice. Drafts are the biggest foe to an energy efficient … Read More

How Not to Prepare Your Home for the Cold: Debunking Home Heating Myths

With the weather getting colder, many homeowners have started their annual heating system rituals. These rituals include the following: tuning up the furnace, checking the carbon monoxide detectors, and looking for ways to maximize energy savings. While there are a vast number of ways in which to winterize one’s home, it’s important to note that not every heating system hack … Read More

How Can I Heat My Finished Basement This Winter?

With winter officially on the way and the holidays right around the corner, you’ve most likely started gearing up for the Big Chill. You’ve contacted your HVAC service for furnace maintenance, you’ve looked at heating tips for energy efficient homes, and you’ve swapped out your old HVAC system filters for new ones. Now, what about your newly finished basement? Finishing … Read More

How to Cut Costs on Your Home’s Heating Without Losing Warmth

Families are more likely to stay indoors during the cold winter to stay away from the frightful weather. Unfortunately, more time indoors can also mean higher utility bills. However, it doesn’t have to be a struggle to reduce your home’s heating costs. Consider the following four simple steps you can take to help keep your home’s heating costs low even when … Read More