Everyday Kentucky – Atypical Winter Weather Problems

Everyday Kentucky – Winter Weather Tips

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Everyday Kentucky – Fall Tips

Everyday Kentucky – Plant a Tree & Your HVAC

Everyday Kentucky – Fall Allergies

BGHGTV – HVAC Health Tips

BGHGTV – Fall – Staying Comfortable

BGHGTV – Fall – Time to Plant a Tree

BGHGTV – Safety Issues with your HVAC.

Quick Fall HVAC Tips

Setting the Thermostat Back?

Dry, Itchy Winter Skin?

Change Your Filter – It Could Help Keep You Healthy this Winter.

Carbon Monoxide & Your Furnace

Add a Humidifier

Keep Your Outdoor Unit Clear of Debris!

Setting Back the Thermostat?

Temperatures going up?

Keep your Cool with a Spring Tune Up

Spring Allergies?

A Cup of Bleach.

Setting the Thermostat Back

You’ve listened and followed our tips and it still breaks?

Second Opinions

Butch on WKYT – Everyday Kentucky

Fall Allergies

Fall Tips for your HVAC

Energy Saving Tips beyond just your HVAC

HVAC – Summer Expectations

Closing Doors & Vents

Summer Energy Savings Tips

Hot Summer Months

HVAC – When we should be concerned.

Landscaping & Your Outdoor HVAC Units

Tips for this Summer – Use those Ceiling Fans