Top 5 Reasons HVAC/Furnace Tune Up This Fall

It’s officially Fall and many may question why they should have their HVAC / Furnace tuned up this fall before Winter sets in the bluegrass. After all, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it…right? Wrong!

There are many reasons to make sure your HVAC / Furnace is tuned up this Fall. Here’s some reasons from Butch Mellott, owner of Comfort Master Heating & Air who was one named one of top 7 HVAC technicians in all of the country!

1. Help Prevent Untimely Breakdowns – If your system is going to break down, you can almost guarantee it’s not going to be on a beautiful 60 degree day this Fall. Oh no! It’s most likely to happen right in the middle of the holidays with a house full of family and friends or a day with sub-zero temps. Most “no heat” calls during the winter are due to lack of maintenance and with proper routine maintenance could have avoided the breakdown.

2. Health & Safety – two words here…CARBON MONOXIDE! That in itself should be enough reason to have your system maintained. A failed heat exchanger can potentially lead to carbon monoxide entering your home. This colorless, odorless gas can easily lead to sickness and even possible death. Carbon Monoxide is no joke! It is the silent killer. Keep your family safe!

3. Saves Money & Time – You wouldn’t go without ever changing the oil in your car so why would you think that not servicing your HVAC would be any different? To keep it working at the best efficiency possible, your HVAC needs to be tuned up or serviced just as you would your vehicle.

4. Warranties – most manufacturers require at least annual inspections by qualified service personnel to honor warranties so even the most comprehensive warranty on your system could be voided without routine service.

5. Peace of Mind – when you have your system serviced, it’s one less thing you need to worry about this winter. It allows you to know it’s current condition and help you avoid any costly surprises during the colder months.

Trust the professionals at Comfort Master and give them a call today to schedule your fall tune-up at 859-255-0728 and don’t forget to change your filter! You’ll get the best service & the most knowledgeable technicians, at the best value. Guaranteed! – Butch Mellott