Tips For Maintaining Your HVAC Systems In The Winter

When it comes to having an energy efficient house, heating and air conditioning replacement and repair are key. But so is general maintenance. While winter might be the last time you want to put effort into your HVAC units, it’s still important to maintain them in the cold.

To prevent winter from damaging your HVAC systems, follow these five simple HVAC maintenance tips.

  1. Change the filters.
    By keeping clean filters in your heating system during the winter, you can lower your heating bills and keep your allergies in control. This is because your system will work more efficiently without picking up any excess particles. IF you are not comfortable changing them yourself, call an HVAC professional.
  2. Cover your AC unit.
    About two thirds of all homes have AC units, and if you are one of these homes, it pays to maintain yours. By covering your unit, you can prevent snow and ice from damaging it. Then you can avoid ordering air conditioning replacement in the spring.
  3. Schedule an inspection.
    When in doubt, call a professional inspector. They can come to your home and assess your HVAC systems. This allows you to spot any problems and plan repairs accordingly.
  4. Update your thermostat, stat!
    Your thermostat plays a big role in your HVAC efficiency, so be sure that you are using an effective model. If yours is out of date, you may consider replacing it with an updated, programmable model. Then you can enjoy temperature and energy efficiency all year around.
  5. Know when it’s time for replacement.
    While tweaks and repairs go a long way to extend the life of your units, it’s important to know when to order a replacement. This is especially true if repairs are getting costly. Talk to your HVAC professional today about which units need replacing and when.

Remember: No home is the same, so it’s important to work with a qualified HVAC company to curate a system that works for you. Then you have a go-to team of professionals for repairs, replacement, and troubleshooting. And this will keep you and your family comfortable no matter the weather.

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