Is Your HVAC System Making You Sick This Season?

With cold and flu season officially here, it can be all too easy to blame your illness on the weather. But if your respiratory problems don’t seem to go away, the problem may not be the colder weather.

Without regular heating repair and maintenance, your air ducts may be letting more than toasty warmth into the air. It may also be releasing dust, dander, debris, and the far more dangerous carbon monoxide.

Lack of adaptation
Surprisingly enough, it isn’t only the buildup of debris in your ventilation system and cracks in your system’s heat exchanger that can cause changes in your health. Scientific research has shown that, in the past, people were more exposed to colder weather because they relied on fires to keep warm. As a result, our immune systems were more likely to be active in order to fight off seasonal illnesses such as colds.

However, with the comfort of furnaces and heating systems, it’s suggested that our immune systems aren’t likely to become more active. By avoiding exposure to colder weather, we’re more likely to be affected by seasonal illnesses.

Yet, this lack of exposure to the cold doesn’t mean you should turn your heating off and light a fire instead. HVAC systems and air conditioning have made it possible for people to remain comfortable no matter the time of year.

What’s more is that the shift in your immune system isn’t detrimental enough to make central air a winter concern. Although, it may help give you a reason to lower your thermostat by two degrees, which can help to lower your heating costs by 5%.

The importance of efficient filters
A functioning HVAC system can do more good than bad to your immune system and is a necessary part of modern life to help us stay comfortable in our homes. However, when maintenance isn’t properly performed it can cause dust and pet dander to build up in the ventilation. When you breathe in enough of this dust, it can result in respiratory illnesses similar to the common cold.

It’s important to have your heating and cooling system inspected by a professional HVAC repair business at least twice a year. An HVAC repair business help ensure that your ventilation system is working well and is clear of dust and dander.

An HVAC repair business can also help to ensure the heat exchanger in your furnace or other heating system is in good shape, therefore keeping any risk of carbon monoxide poisoning exceptionally low. Proper maintenance on your HVAC system is essential to your health.

Contact an HVAC contractor for seasonal maintenance today.