Temperatures Rising

With temperatures rising like gas prices, there is only one company that you should trust to insure a comfortable climate, after 25 plus years of servicing our customers in the Kentucky area, we are here to help. Find out what we can do for helping keep the cost of your cooling bill down.

Best KY AC Repair Tips: Higher Electric Bill This Summer?

People all over the country are now paying electric bills for the summer heat waves, and all that air conditioning use is not cheap, especially with record temperature highs. But is electricity the sole culprit? Find out what ABC News has to say about electricity bills and get on the phone with Butch today to ensure you’re not paying too … Read More

Air Conditioning in Lexington KY: Pop quiz- How does your A/C Work?

Are you one of those that like to understand the science behind things?  Are you one of those who like to know how stuff works?  While the process of cooling your home or your car or what have you may seem like basic math, the intricacies are quite interesting. Check out the article from the people at HowStuffWorks for a cooler … Read More

Summer Is Finally Approaching! Get Your Home Ready With These 3 Tips

The cold months are over, so it’s finally time to crank down the heat inside your home. Unfortunately, you’re going to have to do so much more than just adjust the HVAC to ensure that you have a comfortable summer. Here are a few important things you should do to prepare for the upcoming warmer months and say goodbye to … Read More

Beware of Overusing, Underusing, and Neglecting Your AC Units

Homeowners love air conditioning inside their homes. In parts of the U.S., air conditioning is a nice luxury, but in the hot and humid parts of the country, air conditioning is a must. According to researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, by 2030, the world is expected to have roughly 700 million air conditioners installed. Because so many homeowners will … Read More

How to Stay Safe During Summer Heat Waves

With summer at its peak, it’s important now more than ever to make decisions concerning the sun and the high heat. While it’s great to go outside and enjoy the warm weather with friends or with the kids, high temperatures can quickly turn against you if you aren’t prepared — the dog days of summer are one of the leading … Read More

The History of Air Conditioning in the United States

Homeowners often take their air conditioning units for granted. These AC units not only save families the trouble of installing dozens of fans to achieve the same results, they ensure year-round comfort. Willis Haviland Carrier invented the first air conditioning unit in 1902. His AC unit sent air through coils filled with cold water, subsequently cooling the air and removing moisture … Read More