Congratulations to ComfortMaster

Congratulations to ComfortMaster. Owner Butch Merlott was awarded among the top 7 HVAC Technicians out of 27,000 in the United States.

Saving Money

Do you like saving money and still being comfortable? Check out this video of Butch, “The ComfortMaster” explaining how you can save money on heating and cooling your home.

ComfortMaster Heating Technicians

The “average technician” looks for the quick and easy fix for residential heating and air conditioning repair without properly analyzing it. If a part on the air conditioner is broken, you don’t want a technician to simply replace the part. You want a technician who is more thoroughly trained to look past the broken part and tries to figure out … Read More

3 Simple Reasons You Should Maintain Your Units

Want 3 simple reasons why you should maintain your heating and air conditioning unit? It will protect the manufacturer’s warranty, saves on energy, and your equipment will last much longer. Find out more here.

ComfortMaster Heating Reviews

Don’t just take our word for it that we are the best. Would you like to know why we, at ComfortMaster Heating, are the best? Read why our valued customers consider us the best HVAC service in Central Kentucky.

8 Common Mistakes of Heating and Air Conditioning Contractors

People often buy a new heating and air system because they need to heat or cool their home immediately! It’s the biggest mistake of all! They buy a system without good information and they shop for the lowest dollar installation…which leads to a 50-100-200% higher cost over time. What they don’t know are the 8 Common Mistakes of Heating and … Read More

Geothermal Heating

The biggest advantages of geothermal heating are the low heating costs (cost savings can be as much as 80% over the fossil fuels) and that it also uses significantly less electricity than standard heating systems. We would love to tell you more about this renewable energy source and how it can work for you. Call us today at (859) 255-0728

Butch Mellott, Top HVAC Technician

At ComfortMaster Heating, we firmly believe every customer deserves the best products and service possible. That is one of the reasons that owner Butch Mellott, owner and operator of ComfortMaster Heating & Air, was awarded among the top 7 HVAC Technicians out of 27,000 in the United States. Find out what Butch and his team of HVAC technicians can do … Read More

What’s All This Rave About Geothermal Heating and Cooling?!

Don’t deny it. It’s been on your brain. You’ve been hearing the whispers, the gossip in the streets. Geo-who, you ask? The neighbors are doing it. Your buddy’s cousin is doing it. Geothermal. Check out some of these videos to better your understanding today. Then pick up the phone and call Butch (859-255-0728). We’ll have you going green and saving … Read More

Heating and Air in Lexington KY: Is Your Refrigerator Running?

Refrigerators are one of those amenities that we rarely pay much attention to. We stock them with fruit and veggies and meats and goodies. We hang our children’s crowning achievements on them with magnets and pictures. We wipe them down from time to time when dust accumulates, but we may be taking them for granted. Don’t take your refrigerator for … Read More