Beware of Overusing, Underusing, and Neglecting Your AC Units

Homeowners love air conditioning inside their homes. In parts of the U.S., air conditioning is a nice luxury, but in the hot and humid parts of the country, air conditioning is a must.

According to researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, by 2030, the world is expected to have roughly 700 million air conditioners installed. Because so many homeowners will be generating so much power over the next few years running their AC units, it’s important that homeowners are aware of how to properly handle these machines.

Make sure to avoid these three common air conditioner repair, use, and installation mistakes.

  1. Overusing your air conditioner
    If you run your AC unit 24 hours a day, not only are you going to seriously jack up your energy costs, but you’ll do plenty of damage to your unit as well. Even if you live in a place where it feels extremely hot every second of the day, you should still let your unit rest for a while so it doesn’t overheat. However, the majority of quality AC units only need a few minutes to cool a room, so turning off your AC for a little while at a time won’t be too bad on your quality of life this summer.
  2. Not using your air conditioner enough
    It’s important that you find a nice balance when it comes to AC use. Clearly you don’t want to overheat it, but you don’t want to leave it off for too long either. If you’re planning on going away for a week or so, although it might seem like a good idea to leave your AC off completely, you should contact a family member or a neighbor to swing by and let it run for at least a few hours. Your home will feel like an oven upon your return if your AC unit was off the entire time, and it’s likely to be extra dusty from lack of ventilation.
  3. Not having your air conditioner properly installed
    If you don’t work with trusted AC contractors, you might improperly install your unit, which can result in household problems. If your AC unit was incorrectly installed, it might not run properly, and you’ll end up paying more for less as a result. In addition to proper installation, it’s important that you’re getting regular air conditioner repairs as well. Contact professional air conditioner repair contractors for professional maintenance once or twice a year.

Don’t make these air conditioning mistakes! Avoid costly future expenses by treating your HVAC equipment with respect. If you want to learn more about air conditioner maintenance or want to speak with experienced HVAC contractors in Lexington, KY, call Comfort Master Heating and Air today!