Which Type of HVAC System Is Best For Your New Apartment?

It can be frustrating moving into a new apartment when there’s no air conditioning or heating system, particularly when you’re in the middle of either of Summer or Winter. If you’ve lived in a house for most of your life, you could be used to an outdoor HVAC unit, which heats and cools the entire house.

However, if you’re moving into the city odds are that option for a HVAC unit isn’t available to you. So what options are available and which type of HVAC system is right for your apartment?

  1. Studio apartments
    Studio apartments are typically small, which makes them relatively easy to cool and heat. If you have a studio apartment, consider using a window HVAC unit. Window HVAC units typically don’t take up much space as they’re not very big and they work perfectly for the layout of your apartment since they only cool or heat one room without the assistance of a ceiling fan.
  2. One-bedroom apartments
    If you have a one-bedroom apartment, odds are you’re going to want to warm or cool more than just one of the rooms. While a window HVAC unit is still a good option to keep your apartment warm or cool depending on the season, you may want to consider utilizing a portable HVAC unit. A portable HVAC unit is bigger than a window unit, but it can be moved from room to room depending on where you’d like the warm or cool air. However, there is one drawback: the unit isn’t completely portable in the sense that it can be left in the hallway between two rooms to cool both of them. The unit has to be hooked up to a window in order to vent the air.
  3. Two or more bedroom apartments
    Portable air conditioners often work best for apartments with two or more bedrooms. However, if you’re able to hook up an outdoor compressor, you may consider using a mini-split HVAC system, which can come with up to four air handlers for multiple rooms and maximum usability.
  4. Maintenance
    Whichever type of HVAC system you choose for your apartment, be sure to provide routine maintenance and HVAC repair on your unit. Up to 75% of calls from HVAC system owners regarding a lack of heat during the winter, according to some HVAC experts, are due to low maintenance on the system itself.

For an energy efficient home, actively clean your HVAC system’s fans and ducts of dust and dirt and be sure to call for an HVAC repair should something seem wrong, an unnatural sound is coming from the system, or if there’s any coolant leaking. HVAC repair is necessary for the longevity of your system and can keep a problem from turning into a disaster.

If you’re still interested in learning which type of HVAC system is best for your new apartment, or have any other questions, call Butch and the experts at Comfort Master Heating and Air, today!