How to Stay Safe During Summer Heat Waves

With summer at its peak, it’s important now more than ever to make decisions concerning the sun and the high heat. While it’s great to go outside and enjoy the warm weather with friends or with the kids, high temperatures can quickly turn against you if you aren’t prepared — the dog days of summer are one of the leading causes of weather-related death.

So whether you’re out and about soaking up the rays or inside relaxing in the shade, keep these safety tips in mind in order to stay healthy and happy during these remaining summer months.

  • Drink water. Lots of water. The high temperatures of summer can make you sweat more, which increases your risk of dehydration if you’re not increasing your water intake. Even if you’re not thirsty, it’s still better to be safe than sorry. Hydrate anyway! Keep a water bottle on you throughout the day as an added precaution.
  • Check the weather. Try to keep up to date with the weather and whether or not there’s a heat advisory. Stay inside during days when the temperatures are dangerously high, even if you don’t have an AC unit. Being out of the sun with the blinds closed will still be safer than being outdoors in dangerous humidity and sunshine.
  • Wear sunblock. Many Americans tend to forget about sunblock, especially those who have darker skin. However, no one is immune to the sun and without wearing sunblock you can suffer from second-degree burns. To keep yourself safe from burns and to reduce the risk of skin cancer, apply sunblock if you plan to go outside. This is especially important during midday when the sun is at its highest in the sky.
  • Maintain your AC unit. Two-thirds of homes in America have an AC unit, and with good reason. Your AC unit is your best friend during the summer months, especially when the temperatures spike. If you have a central air conditioner or a window AC unit and it’s due for maintenance, contact an HVAC contractor for an air conditioning repair. Keeping an eye on your AC unit periodically throughout the summer will keep it from breaking down. Unexpected AC emergencies can cause an even bigger disaster.
  • Keep anything living out of the hot car. You should never leave a child, pet, or even a friend in a car that’s been turned off during the summer months. Cracking a window won’t be enough to prevent serious health risks. If you must leave your pet or child in the car, leave the car running and the AC on.

As summer continues in full swing, be sure to stay hydrated and to keep your AC unit maintained at all costs to maintain your health. Drink plenty of water, dress for the weather, and contact you local HVAC contractors in the case of an emergency repair or for routine maintenance on your HVAC system.