3 Energy Efficient HVAC Solutions for Old Homes

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning, also known as HVAC, is one of life’s most taken for granted comforts. Whether you live in the deep south where temperatures reach well into the hundreds, or in the snowy northern states where winter brings chilling cold, your home always stays the temperature you want.

The problem, especially in recent years, is the energy to heat and cool your home can cost a pretty penny. With energy prices going up and environmental impacts becoming more obvious, everyone should be interested in more energy efficient ways to control the climate at home.

But high energy costs aren’t the only problem many homeowners face when it comes to residential HVAC. Older homes tend to be drafty and contain older appliances, which makes efficient heating and cooling doubly difficult. Well, here are some energy efficient HVAC solutions for older homes.

  1. High Efficiency Furnaces
    One of the most obvious and available HVAC efficiency solutions is a high efficiency furnace. Furnaces with an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) of 90-95% are considered “high efficiency”. This efficiency rating means that only 5-10% of the fuel used to run the furnace isn’t converted to heat. That is impressive by any measure. Luckily, a furnace installation takes very little time and they can last for many years!
  2. Smart Central Air Conditioner
    Old AC units (the ones you hang from your window) are notoriously inefficient and highly localized. Switching to a central air system can not only increase your energy efficiency in a big way, but you will have programmable control over your home’s thermostat. With some smart systems, you can install an app on your phone and control the temperature at home from anywhere in the world. This is perfect for vacations and long days at work and can save you money on every bill.
  3. Heat Pump
    Heat pumps are a bit different than traditional heating and cooling systems, as they combine both jobs into one unit. By pushing air around, they can control the temperature of your home or any specific room. This makes them incredibly efficient, more than traditional HVAC systems, but they work best in more moderate climates. No amount of air movement in the dead of winter in Alaska will make up for how cold it gets.

Energy efficient houses are becoming more common by the minute. They benefit homeowners, the environment, and society as a whole. If you would like to see your energy bill reduced without needing to suffer chilly nights, there are many energy efficient options you can choose from. <a href=”tel:1-859-255-0728″>call Comfort Master Heating and Air for a no-obligation consultation</a>,  and explore the options for your home.