“The Building is a system” has recently become a fashionable and promoted saying.

For over 10 years, we have been on the leading edge of this growing industry for heating and air conditioning.

Butch Mellott, “The ComfortMaster” became aware of the problems back in the late 90’s when it was not the trend. He applied himself to advanced education and shared his knowledge with other contractors. He thoroughly trains his employees based on his background with 12 credentials and his award among “The Top 7 Technicians” in the USA.

Energy Management
Ventilation and moisture analysis
Temperature imbalances
Indoor Allergies
Excessive energy bills
Excessive dust

Kentucky Home Performance has $6 million available for individuals to use to reduce energy costs in homes. You may receive rebates up to $2000 or low interest unsecured loans up to $20,000. It is an amazing opportunity and those who act fast can benefit. Be sure to call for your energy assessment to reduce energy costs. You may save up to $800 per year or $8000 over ten years—enough to buy a car. Call us today.

We perform home energy performance and diagnostics in Lexington, Danville, Richmond, Paris, Harrodsburg, Winchester, Georgetown, Midway, Lawrenceburg, Versailles and Frankfort Kentucky.