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Furnace Installation and Heating Repair Lexington KY

Over 25 years of service and installation experience

Highest level of technical training in Kentucky

· 24 Hour Emergency Service

· Flat Rate/up front repair pricing

· All Brands

· Heat Pumps

· Oil furnaces

· Gas heat

· Radiant-floor-heat

· Package units

· Humidity-control-issues

· Solar heating

– Furnace Installation Lexington KY

American Standard Customer Care Dealer (A third party watches out for your interest which should make you feel secure. We voluntarily inform our good and bad work to our manufacturer so we can make corrections. We are human, but our intention is to continually improve and demonstrate that “we are without peer” in the installation and repair in the HVAC industry.

Rarely does a contractor have the guts to do the reporting to the extent we do. However, with Owner Butch Mellott’s award among “The Top 7 Technicians” in the USA, few question our ability to deliver a superior result. We usually charge more than the low cost contractors but it is for very important reasons. The important steps take more time to complete the installation. If you chose a low cost contractor, you will pay far-more-far-sooner than you expect. We urge you to watch the video series “8 Common Mistakes of Heating and Air Conditioning Contractors” Click Here to see it.

Note: There can be a vast difference between installation standards between companies. Low cost dealers must make a profit, and the only way to do bid a low price is to skip steps or not be aware of critical details. It would be in your best interest to watch the videos with Butch, “The ComfortMaster.” You will feel much more capable about making a decision in your best interest with the knowledge–we promise.