Yes! We can install your Wine Cooler or Beverage Fridge!

wine_fridge_wideWhenever you’re planning a big party or a small intimate gathering, one thing to consider is what your home bar space can accommodate. Perhaps you don’t have a home bar, and work strictly out of your over-crowded fridge. If you plan to serve your guests a variety of cold drinks, it’s important to be able to keep up with their drinking demands. If your kitchen’s refrigerator can’t handle the extra amount of drinks, you may even have to bring in a bunch of outdoor coolers and tons of bags of ice in order to keep everyone happy.

One solution to this problem that you may not have thought of is to consider adding a specialized beverage refrigerator to your home bar or kitchen. This addition, which can hold a selection of canned drinks in a cool setting, can help you free up the space in your fridge or access additional cold drink storage during times when you’re planning to invite people over.

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