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Butch, “The ComfortMaster,” Awarded among the “Top 7 Technicians” in the United States discusses the 8 Common Mistakes of Heating and Air Conditioning Contractors.

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Fully 80% of air conditioning systems are not the right size for the home.

This has expensive consequences to you as the homeowner. Heating and air conditioning contractors all must make money or they can’t stay in business. The problem is that they “guess” what size of equipment should be installed. Unfortunately the public doesn’t know how important this is and pays the price with much higher repair and electric bills and they don’t even know it.

With improperly sized heating and air conditioning systems, they pay higher heating and air conditioning repairs.

The cost per month to operate is much higher. It is important to understand that installing the best air conditioning system is not as important as installing the the right size–and this requires knowledge, science and understanding to have the best operating heating and air conditioning system.

Butch “The ComfortMaster” discusses the heating and air installation industry, who is trained and not trained, and the consequences.

He shows that the public doesn’t know the problems that the untrained people are causing. Technicians often have sloppy techniques when installing and repairing domestic air conditioning units which can often mean the equipment will last half as long as it should.

There are consequences when heat and air conditioning contractors cut corners when installing or replacing residential heating and air conditioning equipment. Butch discusses some of the problems you want to avoid with heating and air conditioning contractors in Lexington, Kentucky and the surrounding counties and towns.

Replacing your equipment? Then get yourself educated. Click on  the  top right tab on the website called  “8 Mistakes” and read and watch the videos. You will be amazed at what Butch, The ComfortMaster will teach you.

Too many people are making the mistake of rushing in without understanding the importance of choosing the most knowledgeable contractor. There a hundreds of thousands of contractors in the United States that offer to install equipment and simply do not understand the variables that must be considered. They sound good, they believe they know what should be done, and they can be sincere. Unfortunately and unknowingly they simply do not have the experience needed to get the best result for you.

The education level of your installer is “the” most critical factor to save money and get the best result. By watching the “8 mistakes” videos, you will be more educated, satisfied, and wealthy.

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