Why Do My HVAC Filters Get Dirty So Fast?

Up to 75% of no-heat calls to HVAC services during the winter are related to a lack of maintenance on any one homeowner’s system. Needless to say, routine maintenance on your HVAC system is one of the best ways to ensure its proper functioning and longevity in your home. However, sometimes even when you provide proper HVAC maintenance from professional HVAC services, your system can still have its problems.

One of the most bothersome challenges for you as a homeowner is when the filter becomes clogged prematurely with hair, dust, and grime. Here are some of the most common reasons why your filter may be prematurely clogging and what you can do to help:

  • Pet fur and dander: A pet’s hair is one of the leading causes of prematurely clogging filters. This is because your pets shed their fur regularly. If their fur ends up on the furniture, on the floors, and in your clothes it’s only to be expected that their fur would end up in the air ducts as well. Be sure that you’re routinely cleaning the house of your pet’s fur and dander to keep it out of the vents and that you’re routinely brushing them.
  • Extreme weather or temperatures: When your thermostat is set to “on” rather than “auto” it makes the fan in the system run constantly. This can increase the amount of debris and dust that is accumulated into your filters.

When the weather is significantly hot or significantly cold, the fan may continuously run even when set to “auto.” Therefore, if your area is experiencing a heat wave for a series of days, it may be a good idea to turn your system off every once in a while to give the fan a break from working.

  • The MERV on your filter is high: When a filter’s Minimum Efficiency Rating Value (MERV) is higher, it means that it traps and holds onto smaller pieces of debris. This can be great because it means that your air is cleaner. But it can also mean a continuous need to clean your filters because that debris can very easily build up. It may also be more taxing on your HVAC fan depending on the energy efficiency of the system. Consult your HVAC contractor for a professional opinion on your system’s filters.

HVAC RepairWhen your HVAC system’s filters are clogged it can often keep the heating or cooling from properly being vented into your home. Be sure to routinely clean your filters in order to ensure the proper functioning of your system. Contact the HVAC services of ComfortMaster today for a professional cleaning of your HVAC system filters or HVAC repairs.

Why Does My Boiler Water Look So Gross?

boiler repairDepending on the type of boiler you have, it may be difficult to keep your boiler water clean. Steam systems are typically open to the air, which results in corroding and rusting. Because of this, steam boilers are often in need of routine boiler repair. Being open to the air can cause the water to have some discoloration. However, this is normal and shouldn’t be too concerning.

You should be concerned when the water becomes not just discolored, but dirty and foaming. When this happens, you may either want to consider the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the cleaning of the boiler or you may want to call a boiler repair service. But what is it that made your boiler water so gross to begin with? One of the following reasons may be the cause:

Ye Olden Systems

One potential cause of your boiler’s water discoloration may be the age of your steam system. When an old steam system and a new boiler are paired together, the steam of the new boiler can often reach down further into the boiler than the older model.

This results in the removal of corrosion and dirt that may have been in the system for years. It’s when this happens that the grime from the old system will be washed back into the new boiler, which can cause the water to look disgusting.

This can also occur if the original boiler installer you chose failed to clean the boiler properly. Because a boiler installer typically uses quite a large amount of oil while they put the pipes in place, the oil can build up and be swept into the water if left uncleaned. This gives your boiler water the foaming and discolored appearance you’ve noticed.

Large amounts of feed water

The calcium and magnesium that feed water contains can easily cause your return lines to clog if you have too much feed water going through the pipes. This is because the minerals create a hardened scale that cause the water to back up into the steam.

When this happens, water hammer (a loud knocking sound) is created, which can cause an increase in corrosion inside of the system. This corrosion can cause your boiler water to become dirty. If you have excess feed water, contact a boiler repair service or HVAC repair service immediately.

Boilers can be dangerous when they’re not properly maintained. The average boiler can last between 15 to 30 years and it’s important to seek out a professional heating and cooling repair service to treat your boiler at least once a year to an inspection. Without proper inspection, dirty water may be the least of your worries when it comes to your boiler.

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